This program is for emerging and experienced leaders who want to embark on a transformational journey of self-discovery. You will peel back layers of your personal emotions and situational responses. The exploration of self will allow you to have a deeper understanding of P.E.R.S.O.N. Centred Leadership™ and the actions that will support individuals with empathy and purpose. Through self-reflection exercises, active participation in peer networks and personal coaching, you will be challenged to expand your current way of leading.

Learn how to create an environment where individuals thrive, feel valued and who trust you.

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I believe we have made leadership more complicated than it needs to be.

Do you have a desire to connect and hold space for others with nothing in return?

That is the only question you need to ask yourself to lead with a person centred approach.

The heart of person centred leadership is empathy, influence, communication and relationship building.

It’s about listening to each other and paying attention to what is said.

It’s about asking questions and gathering information instead of giving instructions.

How many times have you seen someone hurt or careers destroyed by old school practices when

person-centred leadership could have saved the day?

Give yourself permission to lead by following your purpose, rather than an augmented version that people will see right through and will not resonate as being authentic.

Do you want your values to be on a wall or experienced?

People want to work with those that they know, like and TRUST!

Be the cheerleader for change. What are you willing to do that others are not?

You need to have the desire to connect with others- that’s all.


Refine your purpose

Learn tools that will define your personal purpose to be in alignment with the purpose of your organization.

Make connections

Discover communication strategies that include active listening that builds trust. Build your confidence to share a compelling vision for the future of your workplace.

Empower change

Utilize tools that will develop your greatest strengths and empowers you and those you lead to make a difference and drive action.

Take care of self

Implement self-care resources that will help you remain focused and energized while building resiliency and decreasing stress.


“This program taught me that you have to set a priority to take care of yourself and set appropriate boundaries. Michele is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. When you state a problem-she is quick to give you step-by-step to help with said concern” 

Christy W.

“I learned how to focus on the person, not the theory, and direct application of skills and tools to real-time experience. I have developed a new leadership approach... the future looks promising. Very engaging course!”

Janet E.





I'm Michele: A leadership consultant, wife, step-mom and a full-time dog mom. I am a RN with more than 25 years of clinical and operational experience, 16 years within seniors care. My desire is to support leaders who empower disengaged employees to create healthy and respectful workplaces founded on shared values and human connections. I'm confident that this program will be the first step toward creating the foundation that will improve your workplace culture, build trusting relationships, ensure alignment of personal and professional values and allow you to lead in your most authentic way.

From the inside out.


Michele Thomson


There’s no better time to direct and control your leadership devlopment than right now.

Strengthen your relationships with individuals in the next 60 days by transforming your communication style and how you engage with others; creating trust and a feeling of connection to YOU.  Don’t put your desire to create meaningful relationships on hold. 


I have a solution...........

Healthy employees are at the core of the long-term success and sustainability of any business. 

Throughout the duration of the program.......

I will show you how to create a leadership style that instantly builds trust and engagement with those you lead.

I will show you how to bring out the best of yourself so others will thrive.

I will show you how to create culturally safe workplaces through exploration of shared values using language that improves team connections and self-esteem.

I will show you how to create alignment between your personal values/vision and that of your organization to create a more intentional purpose to your work.

You will construct your own leadership style that builds a legacy of being passionate, courageous and encourage others to feel the same. Passion comes from within-you will make your organization exceptional.

You will feel calmer, have improved self-confidence and an awareness of how your own behaviour can impact those you lead.

You will feel comfortable to lead with your heart without worry of being perceived as weak or uninspiring and support the emotional well-being of others.

I will share with you my methods that have made me an influential leader and sought after by organizations.

I will provide you tools so that you can gain clarity on your purpose by digging deep into parts of yourself that require self-reflection and awareness.

I will hold you accountable to do the work and get results. I will also support you every step of the way.

I will help you become a cheerleader for change, to do things that others are not.

Think about this......

Individuals want to work with those they know, like and trust. Great leaders understand that it all starts with them.

Your character is powerful and a leadership strength that is owned only by you. Technical skills will fail you if you don't have a desire to make human connections based on mutual trust and respect. Workplace performance and exceptional customer service will happen when you show up being courageous, vulnerable and hold space for others.

It all starts and ends with leadership.

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Let me share my story..........

I want to let you in on a secret, there was a time when I had given hope that my work life would improve. This photo was taken after a regular work day. I look miserable.

In 2006, I re-ignited my nursing career in the field of aging as the General Manager at a care home. Initially, the job was great. Employees were friendly, the residents were happy. I began to feel a shift in the attitudes of the care team- less engaged and more critical despite my efforts to have inclusive meetings, employee appreciation events and work as a nurse when we were short staffed. The honeymoon period was over!

There were days when I had panic attacks driving to work knowing that I was ill prepared to lead a dysfunctional team – feeling like I had no idea what I was doing and that I had not been set up to succeed. More importantly, I was exhausted and I didn’t have the support or understanding of senior leaders. There was nobody taking care of me so that I could care for others.

When I tell this story, it still evokes emotions that make me feel anxious, unsafe, ashamed and like I'm a failure. I have experienced the psychological damage that can be inflicted on people by continuous workplace dysfunction, ineffective communication and the feeling that things will never get better.

It doesn’t have to be this way! 

Most organizations hire people like me who had the hard skills that produce the desired outcomes (low vacancies, low turnover, fantastic resident satisfaction surveys). When you hire people in this way, you end up with managers, not leaders. They understand their job, and the jobs of the people that report to them, but they may have no idea how to lead people. They are too busy focusing on bottom lines. It’s no wonder why many leaders feel overwhelmed, disempowered and disengaged. 

So, after years of feeling frustrated that I wasn’t leading in my most authentic way, I found myself waiting for the industry to come up with a solution to solve the issue of high employee turnover and the lack of new employees entering the workforce. It’s during this time when I had given up on existing leadership models because I felt that I was spending my day managing employees and I was in a perpetual cycle of fixing problems already in crisis mode and never coming up with solutions. I was exhausted.

In healthcare, we use a term called person-centred care. It’s a philosophy that ensures the unique needs of clients are met by knowing their preferences. I found myself asking the question: “Why do we apply this model to clients but not to employees?  Why aren’t we creating opportunities to get to know our employees better to ensure their individual needs are being fulfilled?" We have years of evidence-based research that validates these approaches are effective with clients. Why don’t we use this knowledge rather than continuously trying to re-invent the wheel? I have been applying these approaches for years, and became known as the "fixer" by previous employers who would task me with supporting teams that were struggling.

Throughout my career, I have researched countless leadership models and styles and created the P.E.R.S.O.N. Centred Leadership Approach™ after realizing there was a need for leaders to focus on themselves and on the individual needs of those we serve- our people. My approach allows you to explore yourself through reflection, visualization and action steps to connect the mind and the body which will provide new opportunities to lead with purpose and from your core values.

I learned that by making small but powerful shifts in how I engage with people it has made a monumental impact on how I lead. The greatest impact however has been in the way I see people around me leading. When you know how to support and encourage individuals by creating trust and connection, it brings out the best in everyone. 

There is a better way, Don't wait a day longer to start on your 8-week journey with me.



If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, this program would be a great match.

Great Vision

You have a vision and feel like you have so much to give. You have a strong sense of your values, what you want and believe that you are capable of achieving anything.

Create A Legacy

You know that every great leader has one goal that will out-live themselves and want their legacy to have made a difference to others.

Passionate & Take Risks

You love your work even during the difficult times and are committed to things that are important to you. You are prepared to be brave 5 seconds at a time by stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve growth.


If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, this program would not be a great match.

Like The Idea Of Change

You are not sure if you really want change, but like the idea of a different narrative. You aren't prepared to take the action steps required to create change. I am committed to you having a transformation in this program IF you are prepared to do the work!

Feel Mistakes Are Failure

You strive for perfection. Perfectionism can be an excuse to not hold yourself personally accountable for trying something that is good enough. If you want to help individuals get to where they are going, it’s not about you being perfect. It is an act of selflessness to be imperfect. Making mistakes and failure is where growth occurs.

Blame Others For Your Challenges

You feel frustrated and complain that individuals have a sense of entitlement or lack gratitude in the workplace and believe they should be happy to have a job. You don't have a strong desire to support individuals in your organization to thrive, feel valued and heard. You are not ready to fully engage in humble, empathetic and vulnerable leadership.


“I was worried this leadership program would be boring and unsure how it would help me. I learned so much information and have tools that I can use in my workplace. It was not boring at all! Michele quickly responded to me anytime I reached out and made sure that I got the support I needed. I love the lifetime access. I can really feel a positive impact happening at my workplace just a few weeks after implementing what I've learned”

- Georgia F.

“I had no idea how much I would learn about myself from taking a leadership program! Now I know how to stay true to myself, my values and an added bonus is that my stress has gone down. I don't hate going to work anymore because I have tools that I can use to help me get through challenging situations or conflict. A great program for anyone in a leadership role or for someone who is starting their leadership journey".

- Shannon G.

"I thought that leadership would be something I learned over time. I was wrong, and this program proved to me that I needed Michele's help to show me how to achieve the best results to lead in my own unique way and see fast results. The feedback I received in my development plan let me know people see me as a supportive leader and I feel more confident leading."

- Charlotte W.


Together we will take deep dive to:

Develop strategies to have more meaningful discussions with others and improve human connections.

Understand the power of words, with approaches on how to choose them wisely.

Develop strong active listening skills and expressing yourself clearly.

Self-reflections with actionable tools like journaling so they can be easily incorporated into you day-to-day life.

You will:

Improve your awareness of your communication and leadership style.

Develop an acute awareness of how you are showing up in every situation and holding space for others.

Learn to make small but powerful shifts in how you engage with people that will have a monumental impact on how you lead.

Know how to support and encourage individuals by creating trust and connection, to bring out the best in everyone. 

You have one job as a leader- for people to trust you.

I challenge that leaders don’t do as good job as they can at making this a core value. So if you’re thinking:

“ That’s great Michele, I’m responsible for leading a small portion of the company I can’t change corporate values on a large scale”.

I would argue this is not true.

The one thing we know about human connections is that they’re contagious both good and bad. You have more influence than you know.

P.E.R.S.O.N Centred leadership is a choice, not a position.

What's In The Program

The P.E.R.S.O.N. Centred Leadership Approach™ will provide you the tools to help yourself and those you lead to flourish. It’s not just about applying a set of approaches, it’s about understanding that how you care for yourself and how you "show up" in situations has a direct impact on how individuals will respond to you. It involves embracing the concepts of self-care, resiliency, humility, empathy and unconscious bias. My approach has six domains: Personal Connections, Emotional Intelligence, Respectful Communication, Self-care, Ongoing Training, No one is left behind. 

Let's break it down.

Week 1: Welcome. Develop Personal Performance Plan. Identify the one pain point you want transformation on by Week 8. Learn about journaling, mindfulness, habit tracking and stacking.

Week 2: Personal Connections: listening to your inner voice.

Week 3: A group session to ask questions, receive 1:1 coaching directly from me on the concepts learned that week or challenges/positive changes you have experienced that week.

Week 4: Emotional Intelligence: Being open, having confidence to trust yourself and others.

Week 5: A group session to ask questions, receive 1:1 coaching directly from me on the concepts learned that week or challenges/positive changes you have experienced that week.

Week 6: Respectful Communication: taking risks, influence, active listening.

Week 7 A group session to ask questions, receive 1:1 coaching directly from me on the concepts learned that week or challenges/positive changes you have experienced that week.

Week 8: Self-Care: Strength based approach, self awareness, aligning purpose and values, knowing who you serve and why.

Week 9: A group session to ask questions, receive 1:1 coaching directly from me on the concepts learned that week or challenges/positive changes you have experienced that week.

Week 10: Ongoing Learning: Exploring learning opportunities with meaning and purpose.

Week 11: A group session to ask questions, receive 1:1 coaching directly from me on the concepts learned that week or challenges/positive changes you have experienced that week.

Week 12: No One Is Left Behind: Creating a respectful workplace culture founded in shared values, ethics and cultural safety.

Week 13: A group session to ask questions, receive 1:1 coaching directly from me on the concepts learned that week or challenges/positive changes you have experienced that week.

Week 14: One additional week to refine your goal and share how great the transformation feels.


I've developed this program so that you have all the tools and resources if you do the work. Here is what you can expect.

Exclusive Facebook Group

A private Facebook group where you can build a community with other members of the program. Research says that the #1 factor that keeps us on track with our goals is being surrounded with the people who believe in us and challenge us.
Plus, this group is the perfect place to participate in group chats and free resources.

Weekly Group Zoom Calls

Each week, we will meet for 1 hour to share how you have put to use your new knowledge. In addition, these calls will hold you accountable to show up each week and do the work so that you see the transformation that is possible.

BONUS: One additional Zoom call will be offered at 4 or 6 weeks post completion of the program to discuss your progress and establish long term goals.

1 : 1 Email Access

For the duration of the program, you will receive direct and unlimited email access to me. I want to make sure that you feel supported and can ask questions that keep you moving forward on your leadership journey. I respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Optional-Accountability Call

If you feel that you need a "little extra" to keep you on track each week, I will arrange a 1:1 accountability call to help you achieve your desired leadership goal. I am fully committed to you having the best learning experience and transformation.

Bonus Items Included

I want you to be as successful as possible so I have included the following items at no charge when you enroll in the program.

  • Program Guide Book
  • Access to a private Facebook Group community
  • Weekly Facebook Group discussion - actual workplace scenarios and leadership approaches
  • Daily journal & journaling prompts
  • Habit tracker
  • Daily planner
  • Comprehensive leadership development plan
  • Multiple PDF's for personal leadership growth and to be used in groups
  • Lifetime access to the program and all future updates
  • Certificate of completion
  • Gifts and surprise give-aways!

What Will The Program Cost?

I know everyone is starting their leadership journey from different places. Whether you’re an emerging or experienced leader, you will benefit from the Lead From Within Program.

The total value of the program is over $7,000. Similar programs cost significantly more. Consider this a one-time investment in your leadership future. You will never need to purchase any other leadership programs or courses if you do the work and use the resources provided. This program is saving you time and money - can you afford not to do this?

For a limited time, I am offering my program to you for $1,147.00

The next session will be in January 2023 - a great way to start a new year!

After this enrolment period, this price will be never be offered again and the next release will be priced at $3,197. A monthly payment plan can be arranged if required. Each payment plan has the same benefits, one allows for two (or more) equal payments, the other is paid in full and you benefit from keeping a a few hundred dollars in your pocket.

Group Discount (*Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes included)

$697 / per person (pre-qualification required)

*(three or more from the same organization)

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Pay In Full (*Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes included)

$1,147 / one time payment

*(payment plans available on request)


How long is the program?

The program is 14 weeks. There is a welcome week, 12 full weeks of experiential learning and 1 week of wrap-up and goal setting. At 4-6 weeks post completion, a 1:1 session can be requested at no additional charge to discuss anything that has come up for you.

What will I learn in the program?

The intention of this program is to emphasize that unconditionally holding space for others, being vulnerable and leading authentically so that your values align with your actions builds trust faster than any other leadership model. The program also focuses on the importance of human connections, understanding your influence as a leader, the intrinsic need that we all have to feel protected and valued and that if you treat people well, they will do well at work.

You will identify a leadership challenge and start to implement a leadership development plan in week one. You will be asked to participate in several self-reflection activities as well as provided additional learning resources such as PDF's, videos and activities you can implement in your workplace.

Most importantly, you will be introduced to self-care and journaling as well as understanding how and why you show up in the world the way you do. You will learn about unconscious bias and you will become an emotionally intelligent leader. This will help you create psychologically safe workplaces with shared values that shape the culture and encourage individuals to thrive.

I'm working full time, will I have time to complete the weekly assignments?

Yes, you should expect to spend about 2-3 hours a week completing course work and engaging in suggested practices such as daily self-care, journaling, etc.

I would ask you this question, "How much time are you spending each week putting out fires, dealing with disengaged individuals and feeling exhausted?"

Putting in the effort to complete this course will not only provide you a leadership transformation in how you communicate and engage with individuals, it will also give you the gift of time. You will no longer be a task focused leader, you will have become a leader that is in tune with yourself the needs of those you serve.

Do I get access to the entire program right away?

Yes! As soon as you enroll you have access to all the course materials, including the bonuses. You also have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course. That means as long as I'm offering the course, you have access to it.

I can't afford the program. It is too expensive.

I understand that this program is an investment. It is priced for the value because it is not offered only as pre-recorded videos that involve minimal engagement. This generally ends up in participants not completing the program and essentially wasting their money. I show up for you every week, you have a Facebook community and I am committed to seeing you get to your transformation goal by the end of our 14 weeks together. How many low cost programs have you paid for and not completed? How would it feel to be in the same place you are in now one year from now? Ask yourself this question "What will it cost you to stay where you are at?"

Why should I purchase this program when I can find information for free on the internet?

You could find some of the information included in this program after hours of searching and digging through websites and articles. You can be experiencing positive changes in how you lead and how others respond to you in less time because this program gives you all the comprehensive, evidence-based information you need — at any time on your desktop, tablet, or phone. And you're getting it at an affordable price from a reliable source with ongoing updates and support.

Do I have a massive social media following? Nope, however, I know what I know and I know it well. I have achieved results over almost 20 years using my leadership approach and I know you can have the same results. What you will get with me is a partnership, someone who wants to see you surpass your personal goals create healthy workplaces where everyone thrives.

Is there a refund?

The program is 100% refundable within 14 days of your date of purchase as long as you have done the work required and have not accessed curriculum from Weeks 3-8.

To request a refund, please email: mthomson@curisconsulting.ca

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Let's Do This......

I am dedicated to helping leaders like YOU empower disengaged individuals to create respectful workplaces where shared values lead to exceptional outcomes.

I have been passionate about helping leaders to grow by encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone. I don't want you to spend any more time feeling frustrated and making things more difficult for yourself.

Leadership comes down to:

  • knowing your purpose
  • who you serve and;
  • nurturing meaningful human connections

Using this course as a guide, you are on a path of self-discovery that will lead you towards a clear purpose, establish your values and leave you with the confidence that you are creating a legacy of creating a work environment where everyone thrives.